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53 godess

 Pretend its Just a Hat, Foliage Headdress, Iceland, 2013

52 Godess 2

Pretend its Just a Hat, Foliage Headdress, Iceland, 2013

41 Happy Anniversary Ms. Austen

A Truth Universally Acknowledged, Performance, Red Deer, AB, 2013.

In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, on January 28th 2013 I read the entire novel aloud while sitting in front of the Austen section at the local college library. First was laid a blanket for viewers to sit and listen on, next a bench for myself and lastly a filled tea cup to keep my voice strong. People would sit for a moment up to an hour listening, whether it be to their favourite novel or perhaps words heard for the first time that day.

40 All Treasure Needs A Map 3

All Treasure Needs a Map, Performance, Red Deer Artwalk Festival, AB, 2013.

35 All treasure needs a map 5

All Treasure Needs a Map, Performance, Red Deer Artwalk Festival, AB, 2013.

33 All treasure needs a Map Godess

All Treasure Needs a Map, Performance, Red Deer Artwalk Festival, AB, 2013.

All Treasure Needs a Map was a 13m x 13m cloth treasure map that contained seven secret clues in order to lead participants to the final ceramic treasure. The map was painted with geography, history, strewn with names and a massive compass rose. The clues were written in the voice of the High Priestess who governed the land, she roamed the map eager to help participants on their quests to discover the lost treasure.

32.5 The Cambridge Project - Royal COllection

Cambridge Project: The Royal Collection, on going

32 The Cambridge Project - Royal Collection_2012

Cambridge Project: The Royal Collection, on going

I honored the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by sending them a gift of my ceramic ware as well as the initiation contract into my Picturesque Picnic Society. I have begun a tradition of extending their collection by sending them another piece of a picnic set each year on their anniversary. This act references an intimate acquaintance and in extension elevates my own status.

63. E.M.A.B, 2014, Forgotten Graves and Songbirds,

Forgotten Graves and Songbirds, twenty porcelain tussie mussies, twenty red tulips, porcelain headdress. performance, Kesckemet Hungary. 2014

Forgotten Graves and Songbirds is a performance carried out in a silent cemetery in Kesckemet Hungary. Like an apparition, dressed in white, with a porcelain headdress, and porcelain belt I laid a porcelain tussie mussie: a single posey holder filled with a vibrant red tulip up on the head stone of twenty forgotten graves. The headstones no longer had names, were vine strewn and titling in various directions as a consequence of time and loss. I was bringing memory and care back to these worn out graves.

005. E.M.AlysseBowd, bottles, porcelain, 12cm x 7cm x 2cm, 60.00 ea..JPG

He-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, 100 Porcelain Bottles, ave. 12cm x 5cm x 3cm, 2014

001. E.M.AlysseBowd, Loves me, Loves me not, performance.

He-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, performance, 2014

Using a hundred porcelain bottles, a bouquet of red tulips and a porcelain headdress I played with the idea of fated love and the fortune telling of flower petals. Between flowers I would sing recognizable disney princess love songs. I continued to pluck each flower as if determined to orchestrate the fate I was seeking.

61. E.M. Alysse Bowd, 2014

Tussie Mussie, 100 porcelain poesy holders, Ave. 12cm x 3cm c 3cm. 2014


Loves-me-loves-me-not, porcelain labels, Ave. 5cm x 7cm x .2cm2014


Loves-me-loves-me-not, performance, 2014

Gallery guests were invited to select a flower from the display and pluck each petal reciting the familiar fortune telling of loves-me-loves-me-not until the final petal was plucked. I asked them to think of someone they loved or were curious about their love while they plucked. They would tell me their fate and hang a porcelain sign, like a tally sheet, beneath either loves me, or loves me not.


Loves-me-loves-me-not, performance, 2014

Loves-me-loves-me-not, petals have fallen,performance, 2014

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